Its like a GIF in High Definition.

Well, I’ve been keeping these thoughts of mine for a long time.

Everyone of us watches TV. Of course, for entertainment, to escape from reality. Its just like your in a daydream, by which you relate your self with the protagonist or the main character, through his or her sorrows, his/her joy, in his/her every emotion, in every scene he/she acts.

Well, its the very nature of television. Its true aim is to put people into a very colorful story.

But what if the story you are in just keeps on repeating? Same plot, same emotions, same story. Read More


An unexpected reunion with her.

No, she’s not a past girlfriend of mine. But yes, they are girls. And another no, i’m not a playboy.

It’s almost been five years since I first become a full-blown fan boy of several k-pop girl groups. (K-pop means korean pop). I think I was on my first year high school when my cousins introduce me to these super cute beings who sang very catchy songs using their very cute voices. From that moment, I never stopped listening to them, and I even crave for more. Starting from Girl’s Generation, I went to 2ne1, then 4minute, Wonder Girls, and many lot more.

Then one day, Read More